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Terms & Conditions

1 year commitment required

Auto payment with credit card of your choice Monthly.

After 1 year the membership will auto renew. If you choose to not renew then 30 day written notice is required. 

The price is locked for 1 Year, if there is a price increase we will notify you before the renewal.

The monthly treatments do not roll over! 

You may however gift your service to a friend to use that month. 

The included monthly service can not be used until payment has been received for that month.

Cancellation of Card and or non payment will result in $50 fee to reactive your account. If you have not paid your membership you will not be able to have any services. 

Discounts can not be combined. 

This is a limited membership.

We may not be accepting any members. If you do not see a check out link then you can call us to be placed on the waiting list.


Thank you!

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